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Name Title Kills Karma Fame
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Abaas The Glorious Lord Abaas, Legendary Warder 0
Aladon Aladon 0
albania The Outcast albania 0
Alex Fisher The Glorious Lord Alex Fisher, Legendary Medium 0
Alfred Fisher The Illustrious Alfred Fisher, Grandmaster Scholar 0
andora The Outcast andora 0
angola The Outcast angola 0
Animal The Glorious Lord Animal, Legendary Naturalist 0
Ankh The Outcast Ankh 1
arabia The Outcast arabia 0
Arbal The Glorious Lord Arbal, Elder Archer 0
argentina The Outcast argentina 0
armenia The Outcast armenia 0
austria The Outcast austria 0
Axel Axel 0
bambaleila bambaleila 0
Black Bart The Fair Black Bart 0
Bodik Three The Illustrious Bodik Three, Elder Mage 0
Breagper Breagper 0
Burlak The Glorious Lord Burlak, Elder Scholar 0
Car To Gar The Despicable Car To Gar 0
Cerber The Kind Cerber 0
CuHuboT The Admirable CuHuboT 0
Dammnorum The Illustrious Lord Dammnorum, Elder Scholar 0
Dance Commander Dance Commander 0
Dutenpule Dutenpule 0
Eachu Eachu 0
ElrondSmith The Outcast ElrondSmith 0
Endlessrunic The Outcast Endlessrunic 0
  Last Updated: October 22, 2017, 12:09 am